Junior Leagues

Juniors must have a British Tennis Membership number (BTM) in order to play in any league event and be linked to the club in the 'Places to Play' section of the site. Please go to http://www.lta.org.uk/Members/Join/ and if you have any problems just let us know.

There are 8 teams entered this year. Our team capatins are detailed below and will be in touch with the players in their age group in due course. If you'd like us to put you in contact with them directly just drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mixed 8 & under (Red), tbc

Mixed 9 & under (Orange), Fiona Hutton

Mixed 10 & under (Green), Alastair Law

Girls 14 & Under, Libba Byrne

Boys 14 & under 1st Team, Alastair McKie

Boys 14 & under 2nd Team, Clare Willis

Girls 18 & under,  Sarah McNaught Davis

Boys 18 & under, tbc

If you commit to playing in a game it is important that, as far as possible, you honour this as other team members and your club are counting on you!

GOOD LUCK with all your matches!!

Junior Competition Age Groups

The age groups a player is eligible to play in during 2021 is determined by their year of birth. Please see details below:

8 & under (Red): 2013 or later

9 & under (Orange): 2012 or 2013

10 & under (Green): 2011 or 2012

12 & under: 2009 - 2010

14 & under: 2007 - 2010

16 & under: 2005 - 2010

18 & under: 2003 - 2010

Junior Ratings Criteria

Yellow Ball Juniors start at a 10.2 rating and then need 4 qualifying wins to move up to a 10.1 rating. Another 4 wins will move them up to 9.2, then same again to 9.1, then again to 8.2.

From 8.2 upwards, a player will need 6 qualifying wins with a 60% win to loss ratio, to progress to the next level and this must be achieved within a ratings run period.

A qualifying win is a win against a player rated the same or higher, however a qualifying loss is only against players rated lower than you.